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Anfield Road Primary School

Anfield Road • Liverpool L4 0TN

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At Anfield Road Primary School we have a unique philosophy and a special approach. We are fortunate to have a city centre school with a fresh and vibrant team that can extend, challenge and excite each child who comes here. From our Forest School, to our arts Atelier, we offer engaging and interesting resources that allow our children to experience much more than a standard classroom environment can.

Our school is proud to be in the great city of Liverpool and acknowledges its location in many ways. We also strive to encourage all our pupils with particular emphasis on art, enterprise, creativity and individual growth.

Our two main drivers are Art and Enterprise. They are part of a philospophy that sets our school apart. At Anfield Road Primary School we believe that the early years of development are the most important, as this is when children are forming who they are as individuals.

Learning is based on the principles of respect, responsibility and community through exploration and discovery in a supportive and enriching environment based on the interests of thechildren. Creative learning and thinking is at the heart of everything we strive to achieve.

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Every half term an element of Enterprise is planned to enhance the year group's learning challenge. For example when Year 1 children work on the Learning Challenge ‘Who are famous people from Liverpool’ they perform a Beatles concert for parents and families is to raise money for a Magical mystery tour.

The curriculum enterprise money goes back into year group pots to fund enhancement for their curriculum learning challenges.


The Arts drives the enterprise throughout the whole school. It is highly evident to any visitor how important the Arts are to us. In addition to curricular enterprise we host at least three whole school enterprise initiatives per year. For example we held a ‘festival of lights’ in December to celebrate all faiths worshipped by our children and families and sold artwork and crafts. Every two years we host an Arts Festival with five other schools from the area.

The Atelier

The Atelier is our on-site fully purposed arts studio and a very special place. It's here that children can be at their most creative. They are encouraged to experiment with materials and techniques to create their own artwork. We even have a kiln and potter's wheel to make ceramics.

The Forest School

We have a functioning allotment as part of our outside recreation area. Children can learn abbout growing, harvesting and even forestry and farming here. Our chicken coop even gives us fresh eggs - and we're now proud to say we have our very own goat!

How many city centre schools can you say that about?

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Kagan Co-operative Learning

We have adopted the Kagan co-operative learning approach across school which has made a huge impact on our teaching and learning. Kagan offers children the opportunity to teach each other by working in teams, pairs or as a whole class.

More Experiences

At Anfield Road, real life experiences are a fundamental part of our curriculum. Your child will have a school visit relative to their learning every half term.

From Year 2 onwards children have the opportunity to take part in residential visits each year.

Ranging from Crosby Hall, York, London and Barcelona. School have a savings scheme for these to spread the costs over your child’s time in school.

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